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Another poll; another dead heat on Pryor and Cotton


The City Wire is up with another poll on the race between Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor and Tom Cotton, the extremist Republican. It's another virtual dead heat, 40.6 Pryor to 41.7 percent Cotton, with the rest undecided.

Everything's been in that range. How will the independents split? That's the bad news for Pryor since independents lean Republican in most sampling in Arkansas. But the good news for Pryor is that he is NOT behind. And Cotton's record is pure Nut Job. If any incumbent can survive in these troubled times, it's a moderate incumbent running against another member of Congress who's voted reliably against the interest of Arkansas people. Disaster relief. Farm bill. Etc.

This poll (by a firm led by former Republican Pary leaders) shows Pryor leading Cotton in the reflexively Republican 3rd District. Maybe 3rd District voters know a wackjob when they see one. Maybe the poll is totally screwed. Who knows? That's what elections are for.

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