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The $24 billion man open line



The line is open. I'll leave you with Sen. Mark Pryor's newest ad highlighting opponent Tom Cotton's reckless shutdown advocacy that cost the government an estimated $24 billion. And Cotton likes to see himself as a budget hawk. Otherwise:

* ANOTHER POLICE SHOOTING: Fleeing man, believed to have been armed, shot in Trumann.

* WHO MUCH WOULD YOU PAY? NOT to hear wackjob Sen. Rand Paul? The Arkansas Republican Party thinks you'll pay $50 to hear him. It's Dec. 6 in Hot Springs. It's not exactly the kind of branding I'd be seeking just ahead of an election year supposedly aimed at the crossover voter. 

* THE GREENING OF THE EASTER SEALS CENTER: Joann Coleman sends word that there's a public hearing at 5 p.m. at the fieldhouse at Arkansas School for the Deaf on an EPA Brownfield Cleanup Grant to clear asbestos from the former Easter Seals center at the east end of Lee Avenue on property owned by the schools for the blind and deaf. After years of neighborhood controversy, the vacant building is being removed. The land will revert to green belt, adding to existing forested acreage in an adjoining draw between the center and the schools' campus. I can't imagine who'd complain.

* DESEGREGATION TRIAL DELAY DENIED: Federal Judge Price Marshall rejected a request from the Little Rock School District to delay a Dec. 9 hearing on whether the state could be relieved from continuing desegregation payments to Pulaski County school districts. The district wanted a delay while it appeals a ruling objecting to the state's approval of open enrollment charter schools in the county that affect desegregation. This continues to mean there's a narrow window if progress is to be made in a potential settlement of the desegregation payments. The district has proposed continuing them for 7 years, with an end to all litigation. Attorney Genral Dustin McDaniel countered with an offer of a one-time payment of $42 million, period, against the annual $70 million now spent on all three districts.

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