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Guns: If you've got 'em, flaunt 'em


PACKING: Guns and babes at Bryant demonstration.
  • PACKING: Guns and babes at Bryant demonstration.
The small but obnoxious group bent on forcing open carry of firearms on Arkansas (even Texas doesn't allow open carry of sidearms) continues its civil disobedience with open carry demonstrations.

Sooner or later, a law agency or prosecutor with backbone somewhere in Arkansas needs to arrest one of the pistol-packers in one of these strap-on demonstrations for a test case to clarify whether the Arkansas legislature really did — unbeknownst to the majority — inadvertently strip Arkansas law of limitations on carrying of handguns. 

Meanwhile, we will see more small groups of gun fetishists  with their strap-ons in demonstrations such as the one in Bryant yesterday covered by Fox 16.

If they succeed in deregulating firearm carry, the next gun nut move will be to insist on carrying the guns everywhere, including on commercial premises (think Starbucks) that don't want them. In their world, guns trump all. And they'll make you pay if you disagree.

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