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Tuesday night line: Could 2014 be year of political apocalypse in Arkansas?



The nightly line is open. Finishing up:

* FIRING BACK: At top, that's Mark Pryor's response to Tom Cotton's lying advertising about congressional health insurance. Coming soon, more funding from Jackson T. Stephens Jr., billionaires clubhouse, the Club for Growth, for anti-Pryor ads. Interesting: General throwdown this morning on the Buzz from all the assembled talkshow hosts on Cotton and Tim Griffin. When the resolutely mainstream jocktalk crowd gets who's the real obstructionists, the obstructionists have a problem. About time for a Democratic opponent to Griffin to announce. Linda Tyler? Pat Hays? Will Bond? Bill Halter? Time's a-wasting. And whisper continues about a James Lee Witt entry into the race for 4th District Congress for the Democrats. Could be a heckuva political year in Arkansas. An all-in for the Democrats with nothing but the rest of my political life (will it become Arklahomabama?) on the line.

* HOT TIMES AT ARKANSAS BAPTIST COLLEGE: Channel 4 reports here on confusion last night at Arkansas Baptist College — multiple fire alarms, unhappy students, claims that security had used pepper spray, relocation of students from dorms to the gym for a time. Comments from one student indicate unhappiness remains rooted in recent financial problems that have surfaced at the college. Officials still aren't saying much.

* STAGGERING HYPOCRITE TOM COTTON: Lying Tom Cotton did it again today. He voted for a meaningless show bill by House Republicans in support of Head Start. The record shows that he's voted repeatedly in the past for budgets that would SLASH HEAD START, 3,000 from Arkansas in one whack last year. Said the Democratic Party:

“If Congressman Cotton were sincere in his concern for the Head Start program, he wouldn’t support reckless Republican budgets that gut the program. If he were sincere in his concern for programs affected by his government shutdown, he would call on the House to hold a vote on a clean Continuing Resolution to fund the government. Congressman Cotton is once again placing personal ambition ahead of the best interests of Arkansas working families.”

* SECRETARY OF STATE FLOUTS FOI: More reporting from Blue Hog Report on how the secretary of state's office refuses public accountability by artful dodges around the Freedom of Information Act, here in refusing to provide information about leave taken by a publicly paid employee.

* PARENT OBJECTS TO CRITICAL THINKING IN BRYANT: Right-wingers are threatening to make a cause out of an interesting assignment at Bryant. It's a critical thinking exercise in a sixth grade history class: Pick two amendments to delete from the Bill of Rights and propose two additions and defend all. The school district has properly defended the assignment, though it does a bit too much apologizing and insisting it is no liberal bastion. Uh, I think we knew that. 82 percent of the people who responded to a poll at this wackjob website thought the assignment went too far. Change the constitution? That's un-American! Unless it's to prevent abortion, punish gay people, require recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, prevent flag burning or stuff like that.

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