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House Democrats seek a 'clean' budget vote


CLEAN VOTE? From Tim Griffin?
  • CLEAN VOTE? From Tim Griffin?
The news today is that House Democrats think they may have found a procedural maneuver that could force an up or down vote in the House on a temporary spending bill from the Senate.

In theory, there are enough sane Republicans to join with Democrats to pass such a bill. But that would require Republicans to break with House leadership on its kill-Obama-or-else strategy. I question, too, the nose-counters who claim 20 or so Republicans have said they'd vote for a "clean" resolution.

For example, in this accounting by Huffington Post, U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin of Little Rock is listed among 21 Republicans who'd supposedly vote for such a resolution. They even quoted a Griffin Tweet.

Rep. Tim Griffin (R-Ark.): Asked on Twitter if he would support a clean funding bill if it came up for a vote, Griffin tweeted, "sure. Ive already said i would support." [Official Twitter, 10/2/13].

Well. From events yesterday we know that interpreting Griffin Tweets is perilous business. And situational. Griffin has said all along that he doesn't want a shutdown and would vote to operate government — so long as Obamacare is left out. That isn't a "clean" resolution in the eyes of Democrats. I asked him on Twitter if his professed willingness to vote for a clean resolution included one with Obama money. He didn't respond. Griffin DID sign a letter threatening a government shutdown rather than voting for Obamacare. That happened, just as 80 signers of the letter promised.

It comes down to this: Do you think Tiny Tim Griffin would cast a vote for the greater good? 

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