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Reporter calls Tom Cotton on his Obamacare lie


No amount of correction will stop Rep. Tom Cotton (Club for Growth, Washington, D.C.) from lying about a special benefit to congressional staff under Obamacare. There is no such thing. They continue to have the same employer-backed group health insurance they've always had.

Chuck Todd of MSNBC called Cotton on it and other misrepresentations. Cotton kept lying.

"You keep describing it as a special deal," Todd then said. Cotton has argued that the Obamacare provision that offers healthcare subsidies to members of Congress is against the law. But Todd countered that, in fact, pulling subsidies from congressional staff is the "special deal."

"It's a special deal if you did it your way," Todd continued. "You would be taking away something else that people have, but if you work for the federal government because you work for a politician, you can't have that deal."

Semi-related: Resistance to providing health coverage for those who need it is yet another way in which the Republican Party demonstrates it has become too conservative for mainstream voters, particularly women. The news on the gender gap continues to worsen for Republicans among  women, particularly young women.

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