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The Republican-sponsored government shutdown open line


OPENING TOMORROW: Bruno's Little Italy opens Thursday at 310 Main. See our Eat Arkansas blog for more.
  • OPENING TOMORROW: Bruno's Little Italy opens Thursday at 310 Main. See our Eat Arkansas blog for more.

We're getting nowhere fast today. The line is open early. Some accumulated notes:

EVEN THE REPUBLICAN-FRIENDLY WASHINGTON POST GETS ITHeadline from their sharp and clear editorial: 

House Republicans are failing Americans in their effort to kill Obamacare

* MIKE HUCKABEE CONTINUES TO SHOWCASE CRITICISM OF REPUBLICANS: Mike Huckabee had Republican U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers on his radio show and Rogers said Republicans were making a mistake by attaching anti-Obamacare measures to spending bills. I wonder what Arkansas Party Chair Doyle Webb will say about Huck and Rogers when he holds a press call tomorrow to blast Mark Pryor for not folding to GOP economic terrorism. Rogers said the shutdown was a "visible spectacle of incompetence."

* TOM COTTON IS A LIAR: Almost hourly it seems, Tom Cotton's Twitter account lamely pushes the thoroughly discredited line that Congress has an exemption from Obamacare. Too Extreme Tom  is undeterred by the facts.

* WHY THE REPUBLICANS KILLED AD CAMPAIGN FOR OBAMACARE: Republicans simply don't want people to have health insurance supported by all. Mother Jones picked up David Ramsey's report on runaway success of simple direct mail by DHS that drew 55,000 respondents and put 2,200 eligible but uncovered children on ARKids. Outreach works. Republicans don't want it to work. If you can't kill the appropriation, try to keep it a secret. Special award of dishonor to Republican Sen. Gary Stubblefield who said nobody reads direct mail. Particularly if they don't get any. Jerk. Tell that to the Koch boys, who spent zillions bombing Arkansas homes with direct mail about Obamacare and evil Democratic legislators. The Insurance Department should ignore the negative legislative "review" of the $4.5 million outreach proposal and spend the federal money. Constitutionally, the Legislative Council can't vote up or down. They just review.

* IF REPUBLICANS THINK DEFENSE IS SACRED: What about the almost 400 furloughs of civilian employees who are critical to the mission of Little Rock Air Force Base. Also, furloughs at National Guard and suspension of training exercises.

* HOW LOW CAN THEY GO? I wondered earlier today which was more cynical: The exploitation of veterans or national parks as disingenuous wedges by Republicans hoping to torpedo Obamacare. They upped the ante later in the day. They've added children with cancer. That is not the choice. It is dishonest to say so. 

* ROTC TO DEPART ASU: The Defense Department has decided to end ROTC at Arkansas State because it isn't a viable program.

* DEATH AT UCA: The body of a male student — Jaykwantay Girley, 18 —was found this morning in a residence hall at UCA. The cause of death is being investigated, but foul play is not indicated, the school said. 

* BRAVE NEW RESTAURANT DIVORCE CASE: I have a personal conflict, so I'll just let you read the Arkansas Court of Appeals decision today in which a divided court reversed, 4-2, a circuit court's division of property in the divorce case of Peter and Marie Brave. The court reversed my wife, now retired Judge Ellen Brantley, who had not allowed Brave to claim personal goodwill in the valuation of Brave New Restaurant. Instead, the net $840,000 value of the business was deemed marital property subject to equal division. The Court of Appeals remanded the case for a determination of how much of the value should be considered personal goodwill attributable only to Peter Brave. He'd also challenged the alimony award, but the court deferred action. The lower court will take another look at alimony after reassessing the division of the restaurant property.

* CLOSING THE ACHIEVEMENT GAP: The Little Rock School District reports great strides in most grades and subjects at closing the gap between white students and minority students on state achievement tests.

* CHELSEA CLINTON'S FAMILY PLANNING: Chelsea Clinton tells Glamour magazine, which sent a reporter with her on a recent trip to Africa to review Clinton Foundation projects, that she hopes to have a baby in 2014. She told of a discussion with her husband Marc Mezvinsky in 2011:

"We sat down and said, 'Here's what we want to do.' The first thing on the list was simple: We want, God willing, to start a family. So we decided we were going to make 2014 the Year of the Baby," Clinton said. She told the interviewer to please "call my mother and tell her that. She asks us about it every single day."

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