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House Republicans continue to force shutdown


Economic terrorists Tiny Tim Griffin and Too Extreme Tom Cotton continue their harmful ways. The House continues to insist on holding the economy hostage unless their demands to repeal the law of the land are met. And they continue to issue press releases saying it's the fault of the black man in the White House.

The Senate has again rejected the extortion from House Republicans. Will the shutdown begin at midnight?

That's up to Cotton, Griffin and other extremists of their ilk.

Remember, it's not only the furloughs and economic damage that are at issue. Griffin and Cotton are threatening a shutdown unless much worse demands are met — a denial of health insurance coverage to millions of Americans, including working people, children and the sick and elderly.  Cotton has the audacity to issue a statement that he's looking after the "well-being of Arkansas," a state he barely visited until the Club for Growth sent him down here to implement its  agenda as a nominal 4th District congressman.

Meanwhile, no thanks to the likes of Cotton and Griffin, the state of Arkansas has worked out a deal with the USDA to keep the nutritiional program for women, infants and children going on  a week-to-week basis. Well-being of Arkansas, indeed.

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