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Pryor supports international effort on Syrian weapons


While his Republican opponent, Warmonger Tom Cotton was thirsting for armed encounters around the globe yesterday, Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor was responding moderately to President Obama's speech on Syria:

“I oppose President Obama’s plan to take military action in Syria. The President has still not established a compelling national security interest, clearly defined a mission that has a definitive end-state, or built a true coalition of allies that would actively participate in any action we take. However, it now looks as if the U.S. may lead an international effort to peacefully dispose of Syria’s chemical weapons. I can support this effort if it is verifiable and if we can trust that Syria’s chemical weapons will be destroyed and not fall into the hands of terrorists.”

Somewhere, I presume, the condescending vote cager, Tiny Tim Griffin, continues to sneer at the black man in the White House as not up to his intelligence.

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