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Colorizing historic photographs; help wanted (needed) at Ethics Commission: And an open line




Thanks to elwood for a link to a Daily Mail article about a project by historians and artists to colorize historical photographs from the Library of Congress. 

The images featured in the Daily Mail include a famous photograph of a demonstration at the state Capitol during the state's resistance to desegregation of Central High School. Here's a Facebook page for the artist who colorized this particular photograph, taken in 1959.

Consider the line open. But  two last item sof note:

* PEDESTRIAN HIT FOLLOWING RAZORBACK GAME: Fox 16 reported that a drinking driver struck a woman walking across Markham Street after the Razorback football game in War Memorial Stadium Saturday night and she was critically injured.  UPDATE: 
Democrat-Gazette reports the driver has been charged with DWI, refusal to submit to an alcohol test and careless driving. The woman remains in critical condition.

* HELP WANTED: I don't know yet if this is new staff or replacement, but Mark Darr alone makes a lot of work for the state Ethics Commission. A critical issue facing both the Ethics Commission and Legislative Audit is whether either will look beyond their primary areas of responsibility — campaign reports for the Ethics Commission and Darr's office expense account for Audit — and look at how he manipulated the two separate accounts in eyebrow-raising ways. It will be a real test for Legislative Audit, which has enjoyed a good reputation over the years but was overtly political in several aspects of  the Martha Shoffner investigation (worthy though she was of investigation.) You can see from the letter recapitulating Matt Campbell's complaint to the Ethics Commission that the campaign and official expenses verge, but I think there needs to be very specific attention to charges to the campaign for gas fillups that fell on dates where Darr got full mileage reimbursement from his taxpayer-paid office expense account.


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