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Questions linger on robbery of governor's staff member


When I inquired yesterday of the governor's office about the reported carjacking of Lamar Davis, the deputy chief of staff, I suggested to spokesman Matt DeCample that separate reports by Davis and a woman at a Roosevelt Road motel sounded like the same robbery, though they differed in location (both along the Roosevelt-Asher corridor) and other details.

He said Davis, who's been unavailable, said he didn't know Mark Wilson. That was the name of the man given by Kim Williams, 26, who told police about the Acme Motel abduction. DeCample said they were operating under the belief that they were separate incidents committed by the same robbers.

Kim Williams said she was with Mark Wilson, whom she described as father of her child, at the motel on Roosevelt when he was abducted by men in a Ram pickup about 1 a.m.. Davis said he was en route to a nightclub about 1 a.m. Thursday when three men flagged down his Ram pickup on Asher. He said they  carjacked him, robbed him, beat him and dumped him near 19th and Fair Park. The truck crashed on the UALR campus in a subsequent police chase, but suspects got away.

This morning, the Democrat-Gazette quoted police detective Capt. Alice Fulk as saying investigators are confident there was only one robbery and that Davis and Williams were describing the same robbery. She said police were still sorting through the conflicting accounts.

I asked Sgt. Cassandra Davis about that this morning:

We are continuing to investigate this incident. Detectives have not located a subject by the name of "Mark Wilson" and no one by that name has sought out officers to advise he was robbed in this manner. Detectives are making attempts to identify "Mark Wilson". A determination as to making a false police report cannot be made at this time.

I also asked DeCample about the police statement that the two incidents are believed to be the same. If so, at  least one of them would appear to be a false report.

I don't have any new information this morning, the reporting on Lamar's assault matches what he has told us. We're of course also continuing to
follow the police investigation about the other report and, hopefully, the development of new information about the suspects.

Sgt. Davis also got back to me on a followup question of whether the department had officially concluded there was one robbery and one victim at issue. She said:

The possibility of the two individuals being one in the same is viable and one our detectives will investigate. Our position is, we continue to investigate into the identify of "Mark Wilson". Detectives have not located anyone named Mark Wilson who was robbed in this manner neither has anyone named Mark Wilson contacted officers to advise they were robbed in this manner.

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