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The guns and GOP open line


Another week begins. Another open line. Finishing up:

* HANDGUNS FOR 18-YEAR-OLDS: The NRA issued a news release saluting the 22 states, including Arkansas represented by Attorney General Dustin McDaniel, that had joined a legal brief challenging a federal law that bans handgun sales to people aged 18-20. Old enough to serve in the military, old enough to buy a handgun from a federally licensed dealer, the NRA says. 

* T-SHIRT GUN RETIRED AT UA: That T-shirt launcher powered by compressed air that went off unexpectedly at last Saturday's Razorback football game and caused a leg injury to a student won't be used at the next Hog game, 40/29 reports. UA statement:

The T-Shirt launcher will not be used for this Saturday’s football game and a decision regarding any further use will be made in the future. The safety and well-being of all fans and personnel attending Razorback events remains of paramount importance to Razorback Athletics and the University of Arkansas."

* REPUBLICAN CAMPAIGNER: Republican gubernatorial candidate Asa Hutchinson announced that Jon Gilmore would be his campaign manager. Gilmore, whose resume includes work for the Arkansas Republican Party, has worked for a murderers' row of GOP candidates — Bobby Jindal, Tim Griffin and Tom Cotton, to name a few.

* BEEBE DECRIES GOP STIMULUS HYPOCRISY: This is a few days old, but worth reading if you missed it as I did. Gov. Mike Beebe dedicated a $72 million water treatment plant in Harrison last week and used the occasion to call out hypocrites. He named no names, but there are plenty in the region to be served by the treatment plant. It was built with $62 million in grants and loans from the Obama stimulus program and another $9 million in state funds. 

"I didn’t vote for or against any of that stuff, I wasn’t up there,” he said. “But I would be the biggest hypocrite in the world if I blasted everything they did about stimulus and congratulate one of the stimulus projects to help 20,000 Arkansans and put all those people to work.”

“If it wasn’t for the stimulus, you wouldn’t be getting any of this water,” he said.

Many a mouth drinking that water will be cursing President Obama between sips.

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