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Tom Cotton: NOW he's for disaster aid


FOUND: A disaster Tom Cotton is willing to spend tax money on.
  • FOUND: A disaster Tom Cotton is willing to spend tax money on.
The Arkansas congressional delegation joined Gov. Mike Beebe today in urging a major disaster declaration for six Arkansas counties hit by flooding in August — Benton, Boone, Carroll, Madison, Marion and Newton. There was heavy damage to roads and public facilities.

Said the letter in part:

Arkansas is a predominantly rural state and this series of disasters has exceeded the ability of our local government to respond. The past several years have been particularly difficult for Arkansas residents due to numerous severe weather events. We appreciate the financial assistance received as a result of several federal disaster and emergency declarations, many of which impacted the same communities still in the recovery process, and the quick, comprehensive response of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. We hope that a similar response will follow this disaster. 

Yes, ALL, members of the delegation signed the letter. Including Republican Rep. Tom Cotton of the Club for Growth. This would be the Republican representative who's voted repeatedly against disaster aid to other parts of the country.

Most significantly, Cotton distinguished himself in a string of anti-disaster aid votes by voting AGAINST a funding measure that replenished the emergency aid fund from which this latest disaster declaration, if granted, will be paid.

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