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Republicans high on more guns in school


I  'watched' the legislative committee discussion on guns in school via Twitter. Easy to catch the drift:

Dem-Gaz's Evie Blad:

[Democratic] Sen. Elliott: many schools without weapons have also had no shooting incidents. Difficult to draw clear correlation that arms are deterrent.

Dem-Gaz's Evie Blad:

Can't eval. a syst. merely on basis of what might go wrong, also have to consider what might go right. -[Republican] Rep. Alexander on armed schl staff

Republican Rep. Bruce Cozart

In Judiciary Committee today hearing testimony on why we need armed teachers and Commissioned Security Officers in our Schools. I say yes.

Republican Rep. Ann Clemmer

Private security guards not as well trained as the Clarksville school teachers & administrators participating according to Dr David Hopkins.

Republican Rep. Stephen Meeks:

Response time to our school is 20 minutes. Studies show a person is shoot every 10 sec. in these situations

Dem-Gaz's Evie Blad:

Lake Hamilton sup. says school security plans, including decision to arm staff, are not "one size fits all."

UPDATE: More from John Lyon of Stephens Media. Naturally, the few districts already using guns want to keep using them. They've had no incidents, they say. Nor much need for them either, I guess.

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