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Tom Cotton on race: Shut up about it


TOM COTTON ON RACE: Attacks 'bottomless pit of racial pessimism.'
  • TOM COTTON ON RACE: Attacks 'bottomless pit of racial pessimism.'

A writer at Slate finds new writing by Tom Cotton from his Harvard days, this time a review of a book in a conservative Harvard journal that says Democrats just won't accept how much better off black people are today.

This is one of Cotton's far-right treatises that he's probably happy to have publicized in today's Obama-hating Arkansas. Race divides us, young Tom wrote. (Boy, howdy!)

Common sense, however, has never been the forte of race-hustling charlatans like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. Unfortunately, it also seems lost on supposedly educated people like Roger Wilkins, Lani Guinier, and Derek Bell.

They and other leaders of the civil-rights establishment—one of those many groups that lives off the capital of a noble heritage—blithely ignore all data on racial attitudes in America, as well as all trends of behavior that prove the sincerity of those attitudes. They state that racism is still "as virulent and as obvious as weeds in a garden," racism is "worse today than it was in the '60s," and that "white men are the most lying creatures on the face of the earth."

These are not unintelligent people. They could pass the QRR and can analyze trends and data. They know, however, that to acknowledge the incontrovertible arguments of this book would be to marginalize themselves even more than has already been done. If race relations are better now than at any time in our history and would almost certainly improve if we stopped emphasizing race in our public life, what would the self-appointed 'civil rights leaders' have to do with themselves? For this reason, they continue to make hysterical and wholly unsubstantiated claims that inflame public opinion and create a gnawing cynicism in the American people.

If only these "not unintelligent people" would just shut up. Everything's fixed. There is no more racism. Affirmative action, voting rights laws? Who needs them? Get over it.

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