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Josh Hastings withdraws request to move trial to Perry County


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Josh Hastings
, the former Little Rock police officer facing a retrial on a manslaughter charge in the death of Bobby Moore, 15, today withdrew his motion for a change of venue.

At the scheduled hearing, his attorney said Hastings had decided as a former Little Rock officer facing a charge over his actions in Little Rock the trial next month should be held in Little Rock. Judge Wendell Griffen granted the motion, which had been made on the ground of pretrial publicity about the case. Under Arkansas law, the trial only could have been moved to another location in the judicial district. In this case, that meant Perry County.

The hearing continued with discussions of motions about what might be entered in evidence in the retrial concerning mental health and juvenile records of Moore and youths who were with him the night Hastings fired on a car being driven by Moore at a West Little Rock apartment complex.

Hastings wants to argue self-defense in firing because the car threatened him. The prosecution has said he hasn't told the truth about events that night. In the first trial, which ended in a hung jury, the judge limited what could be said about the juveniles' past.

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