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Tim Griffin visits Mayflower; Democrats issue reminder of his pro-pipeline voting record


PIPELINE ADVOCATE: Tim Griffin, in 2012, talked unceasingly of the benefits of pipeline construction.
  • PIPELINE ADVOCATE: Tim Griffin, in 2012, talked unceasingly of the benefits of pipeline construction.
U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin
is making a visit to Mayflower today in furtherance of his "concern" campaign for those damaged and not yet been made whole by the flood of tar sands crude that a ruptured ExxonMobil pipeline poured in a residential neigbhorhod and the wetlands of Lake Conway.

In advance, the Democratic Party has issued a reminder of Griffin's hard work to make things easier under the law for pipeline companies, including when it comes to cleanups.

We'll have more reporting on the visit later.

Democratic Party news release

The Facts: Congressman Griffin Slashed Pipeline Safety, Voted Against Measures To Prevent Disasters Like Mayflower

Congressman Griffin has slashed support for oil pipeline safety and voted against measures which could have helped prevent catastrophes like the Mayflower spill.

When Congressman says one thing in Arkansas but does the opposite in Washington, it’s impossible to trust Congressman Griffin to look out for the residents of Mayflower.

See for yourself:

Talk Business: “Tim Griffin’s Many Votes Against Oil Pipeline Safety.” “Back home in Arkansas, Griffin proclaims he’s for oil pipeline safety, but when you look at his voting record up in D.C. it turns out he likes to vote against oil safety.” [Talk Business Arkansas, 7/23/13]

Energy Wire: Congressman Griffin voted to reduce support for pipeline safety.Congressman Griffin voted “to preserve an across-the-board sequestration of federal funds that forced the White House to cut $5 million from the safety agency's current budget.” [EnergyWire, 7/21/13]

Congressman Griffin Repeatedly Voted to Keep Cuts to Pipeline Safety. In 2013, Griffin voted to keep federal sequester cuts impacting pipeline safety. The Office of Management and Budget reported that in FY 2013, the federal sequester would make the cuts to the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, including: $5 million from pipeline safety, $1 million from emergency preparedness grants, $1 million from Trust Fund Share of Pipeline Safety, and $2 million from hazardous materials safety. For FY 2014, the federal sequester would cut $2 million from PHMSA’s emergency preparedness grants. [H Con Res 25, Vote #88, 3/21/13; HR 115, Vote #82, 3/19/13; OMB FY 2014 Report, 5/20/13; OMB FY 2013 Report, 3/01/13]

Congressman Griffin Voted Against Requiring Pipeline Builders Pay Their Fair Share for Oil Spills. In May 2013, Griffin voted against requiring TransCanada, the developer of the Keystone XL pipeline to contribute a portion of their revenue per barrel into the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund. Companies that transport oil are required to pay 8-cents per barrel into the trust fund, used by the federal government to respond to oil spills. Oil sands crude is currently exempt from making contributions to the Liability Trust Fund. [HR 3, Vote #178, 5/22/13]

Congressman Griffin Voted Against Requiring Companies Have a Disaster Plan for Oil Spills. In 2011, Griffin voted against an amendment that required oil and gas companies to have contingency plans for worst-case scenarios, including plans for oil containment and cleanup, when applying for 5-year oil and gas off-shore permits. [The Hill,5/11/11; Congressional Record, 5/11/11; HR 1231, Vote #315, 5/11/11]

Exxon Contributed $2,500 to Griffin Months After Mayflower Spill, and Contributed Thousands More in the Past. “The Pegasus Pipeline, operated by ExxonMobil, leaked thousands of barrels of oil in Mayflower, Ark., earlier this year, forcing dozens of families to evacuate. Just three months after the spill, ExxonMobil’s PAC donated $2,500 to Griffin’s reelection campaign. A spokesperson said that Griffin returned the check, but the PAC has contributed $4,000 to Griffin in previous cycles.” [National Journal, 7/29/13]

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