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Republican Tommy Moll claims $100,000 in donations


Tommy Moll of Hot Springs, something of a mystery Republican candidate for 4th District Congress, sent an e-mail this morning saying he'd raised $100,000 for his race, the majority from Arkansans. I've yet to see him do a "live" interview with media since he sent around an announcement of his candidacy.

Moll, in keeping with Republican custom this year, emphasizes his family's long presence in Arkansas. Among the questions opponents want to ask is where he's been the last few years. Not Arkansas for many of them. Of course, that proved no impediment when Washington consultant Tom Cotton rented an Arkansas House so he could come home to represent the Club for Growth in the 4th District, territory he'd long left behind.

No campaign money reports on-line yet.

Bruce Westerman and Mark Darr are also in the 4th District GOP primary.

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