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Legislative discussion set this week on more guns in schools


Stephens Media reports on a planned legislative committee meeting to air Clarksville School Superintendent David Hopkins' unhappiness that an attorney general's opinion and resulting private security board vote has stymied his plan to put two dozen staff members, including a kindergarten teacher, carrying concealed weapons in schools this year.

Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson, in a tough re-election fight next year, is promoting the committee discussion, presumably under the belief that there's a great thirst in Arkansas to put lots more guns in schools. He says a measure to open schools to armed staff could be put on the fiscal session agenda in February.

Hopkins said the recent entry of a Georgia elementary school by a mentally disturbed man with a semi-automatic military-style rifle and hundreds of rounds of ammunition pointed up the need for guns as a failsafe security measure.

In the Georgia case, as it happened, a brave female school bookkeeper who was unarmed talked the man out of doing any damage to anyone.

If you haven't listened to the 911 call that records Antoinette Tuff dealing with the gunman, it's worth a listen. What a remarkable woman.

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