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Conservative poll now shows governor's race and lead for Hutchinson



When a Republican polling firm released a survey on the Senate race yesterday it didn't include numbers on the governor's race, which show Republican Asa Hutchinson with a 46-38 lead over Democrat Mike Ross and better favorable/unfavorable numbers.

That's the story line today as Tom Cotton cheerleading was the story yesterday.

What you have, yet again, is a poll with some believability if not total given the firm's Republican posture. After three losing statewide races and with total name recognition, Asa still can't score 50 percent against a lesser known regional candidate. And Ross' unfavorable rating, though higher than Hutchinson's, presumably includes some from Democrats who, when the day comes, are going to hold their nose and vote for him.

Sure. Hutchinson has the lead. And the fight, like the Senate race, would appear to be for the one in six Arkansas voters who haven't yet made up their minds.

UPDATE: This polling outfit doesn't inspire confidence. It originally posted Mike Ross' favorable/unfavorables at 23/41. Whoops. Now it says it's 23/23, which is far more believable. Asa's comparable number, if you choose to believe it, is 37/30.

SPEAKING OF THE SENATE RACE: In case you forgot, the Club for Growth (Club for Greed, Mike Huckabee calls the billionaire-funded anti-tax corporate lobby) is supporting Tom Cotton in the U.S. Senate race. It actually sent a press release today to restate the obvious. They've been bundling money for Cotton for years. The CFG has also announced a "six-figure" TV ad buy to beat up on "liberal Mark Pryor" for — guess what? — voting for Obamacare and supporting President Obama on most votes. None dare call this coordination with the identical message uttered over and over at the Cotton barbecue last night.

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