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Mark Martin's office buys new furniture for $7,500



FREE ENTERPRISE: Desks are cheaper and last longer at the Arkansas Times.
  • FREE ENTERPRISE: Desks are cheaper and last longer at the Arkansas Times.
Reported by Leslie Newell Peacock:

Furniture suitable for the state Capitol doesn't come cheap, apparently. Secretary of State Mark Martin's office just purchased two desks, two credenzas, a writing desk and two chairs and the tab came to $7,589. That's a quote from the furniture company, Cost Plus, office spokesman Alex Reed says.

New furniture for the governor's office once came free, former Gov. Mike Huckabee followers will remember. The difference is, it didn't stay long: Huckabee took with him all the furnishings of the governor's office, given to him by Jennings Osborne.

Reed said the new furniture replaced desks that were 10 years old.

PS from Max: Best I could do this morning on short notice was a photograph of just a bare corner of my fine desk, which I've used since joining the Times almost 22 years ago. It wasn't new then. I'm quite sure its cost new wasn't in the four-figure range. Might not have been in the three-figure range. But then, I"m not a secretary for the secretary of state.

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