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How to enroll in Arkansas's Obamacare program



For every Tea Party booster railing against the federal Affordable Care Act there are multiple uninsured who could benefit from the expansion in health coverage it will provide.

To that end, the Arkansas Community Organizations and its affiliated non-profit foundation are sponsoring a program on the benefits for the low- and moderate-income community at 6 p.m. Tuesday at the Hall of Industry at the State Fairgrounds.

The State Insurance Department and other state agencies will have people on hand to discuss the new law and benefits and provide information on now to enroll when the program begins in October.

A news release adds:

ACO members and staff campaigned to pass the Affordable Care Act in 2010 and have organized press events and rallies to defend the law since its passage. In 2013 both organizations helped identify and gather stories of the uninsured during the debate over Medicaid expansion in order to put a human face on the issue. Neither organization has a contract with the state or federal government to do outreach or enrollment for the Health Insurance Exchange. A significant number of the people that the organization serves do not have access to affordable health coverage.

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