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Where are the 'good, ole' Arkansas men?



I get mail. Last night, it included this letter from a woman in Arizona. I felt her pain.

The father of my child fled to Springdale, Arkansas; stole from my roomate who is a cop, and cheated on me when he was living with me in Arizona. I thought Arkansas was full of men who still had their good ole morals and values. I was wrong with this guy by the name of *******. Women, he is going to use you.

I'm writing this, yes, to expose him. Why shouldn't I? Freedom of speech, right? I don't think anyone who gets cheated on, pregnant, then left, ripped off (cash), beaten on and lied to should hide that clown's actions.

Let everybody know he is in town and let him know that he deserves everything bad that comes his way. Fayetteville police are looking for him. And when he fled back to Arkansas he has been hiding because my roomate who is a cop discovered over 1,500 worth of items missing. We tracked it down to pawn shops this idiot sold and pawned to. Word to ****, we have all pawn tickets along with a copy of your license you used to pawn the cop's items. Last word to you, cops are smarter and will find you eventually.

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