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Va. candidate favors criminalizing adultery, oral sex



Ken Cuccinelli, the Republican candidate for governor of Virginia, is about as extreme as they come. But, in this, you have to give him points for a sort-of wild-eyed consistency.

He favors prosecution of heterosexual adultery. And oral sex. From Talking Points Memo:

Virginia's Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli once suggested as a state senator that laws criminalizing extramarital sex "ought to stay on the books," Politico reported Tuesday.

“Frankly it wouldn’t hurt to enforce them more,” Cuccinelli is quoted saying in Richmond's Style Weekly magazine in 2008.

Cuccinelli was paraphrased as comparing adultery to “perjury inasmuch as the occasional prosecution or two would get people thinking twice.”

Seems to me that the Arkansas Family Council, crusading to deny marriage to same-sex partners on moral grounds, should also be crusading for prosecution of fornicators. It undoubtedly would send some of their loudest supporters to jail, but, as Cuccinelli said, that would "get people thinking twice."

Cuccinelli also apparently opposes oral sex and sodomy by all — homosexual or heterosexual, married or unmarried. He'd like to see the "unnatural acts" law back on the books.

Of course Cuccinelli opposes same-sex marriage. He thinks homosexuality is contrary to nature and harmful to society.

Bro. Rapert and Bro. Cox, can we get a second on criminalizing adultery and oral sex?

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