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The dynasty report: The duck variety and a royal birth



The morning report:

* ROYAL BIRTH IN LONDON: The Duchess of Cambridge, better known as Kate, was admitted to a London hospital a few hours ago in the early stages of labor. She's in a private wing of the hospital. Says AFP:

- A standard room and normal delivery - which Kate, the duchess of Cambridge, is hoping for - costs £4,965 (S$9,606) for the first 24 hours, although she can pay an extra £1,050 for the deluxe package. The cost rises to £5,500 for an instrumental delivery and £6,420 for a caesarean.


* ROYAL PAIN AS DUCK DYNASTY STAR VISITS CONWAY: Uncle Si from the reality show "Duck Dynasty" was a headline attraction at an Outdoors Expo at the Conway Expo Center over the weekend. In theory, you got to see Uncle Si with a ticket to the Expo. Expecting 10,000, Channel 4 said maybe double that number turned up. There were a LOT of unhappy Duck fans.

* PROHIBITED LICENSE PLATES: 1EZLAY AND LOTS MORE : More today from the Democrat-Gazette on a discussion we mentioned earlier about whether court rulings in other states might affect Arkansas policies on the content of vanity license plates. I forgot to pass along the list of 11,357 letter combinations on the Arkansas watch list, which I got from DF&A last week. Peruse at your leisure. It is not all-inclusive. Many other words are forbidden in addition to these.

Here's a Google spreadsheet of the whole state "badwords" list.

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