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ExxonMobil exec talks about pipeline break, says oil still being found



STILL CLEANING: ExxonMobils Karen Tyrone
  • STILL CLEANING: ExxonMobil's Karen Tyrone
Three months after the ExxonMobil Pegasus pipeline break that gushed Canadian tar sands on a Mayflower subdivision, an executive of the pipeline operator, Karen Tyrone, has given an extensive interview to a reporter for the local newspaper, (link corrected) Courtney Spradlin of The Log Cabin Democrat.

It's informative. The article notes that information might finally be available this week on what scheduled inspections of the pipeline prior to the spill, particularly at the site of the rupture, had indicated about the integrity of the line.

LCD: When was the last time that kind of inspection process occurred at the site where the pipeline ruptured?

KT: In the first quarter of this year, specifically in February. Those results are not available yet. I know it’s hard to understand and I’m sympathetic to that, but these tools generate a significant amount of data that has to be run through programs and computer analysis with tools that tell us where to go to evaluate the tool run. HUH? Since that run we’ve gotten a report back to do what we call validation digs…We are doing validation digs on that tool run.

ExxonMobil Pipeline Company is in its third extension to provide the report on the cause of the pipeline break to the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration. The original due date was May 17, and the deadline is now July 10


Tyrone says that while the company is past the stage of cleaning up "free oil," there are still "impacted" homes requiring "further remediation." Please note, Lt. Gov. Darr, that everything is NOT better than it was before the break.

LCD: Is there still oil in the Northwoods subdivision?

KT: I would say there is a very limited amount of drops under the foundations of some homes. The most impacted homes still have remediation work to be done. Those homeowners have not yet been allowed to return. We’re working as fast as we can and working with them to get them home as fast as we can. The good news is the majority of the homes have been approved for reentry. Fifteen homeowners have been through the process.

About the oil, someone went and saw a small amount. But in the yards and in areas there’s no free oil. But what we’ve done is excavate around the foundation to watch and test. We’ve taken samples under and beside the homes and we’re watching to see what happens there as well as taking scientific sample analysis…That’s the only place you’d see oil.

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