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The drunk sheriff open line



The Tuesday line is open. Final words:

* BOOZE AND THE SALINE COUNTY SHERIFF: I spoke today with Benton Police Chief Kirk Lane about Saline Sheriff Bruce Pennington's statementthat he had not been arrested for public intoxication Saturday night at Denton's Trot Line, but public consumption. Not so, said Chief Lane. The ticket clearly reflects what the Benton Police said the night of the arrest in a news release. Pennington was cited for public intoxication and failure to submit to arrest. I was talking with Lane because of an FOI request for video of the arrest and Pennington's detention at the Benton PD. Lane said those videos will be released on completion of the full investigation, which includes a review of the force used by police to make the arrest. By the way: Pennington didn't have a sterling record as a state trooper and alcohol was a factor in some of that.

* SHOFFNER SEEKING TRIAL DELAY: Fox 16's David Goins says former Arkansas Treasurer Martha Shoffner will seek a delay of her scheduled July 29 on charges that she took money from a securities dealer in return for doing business with him. Her attorney, Chuck Banks, had said he'd likely need more time to prepare for trial.

* EMPLOYER MANDATE UNDER OBAMACARE DELAYED FOR A YEAR: The Obama administration announced today that it would delay until 2015 a requirement of employers with more than 50 employees to provide health insurance or pay a penalty. Bank on it: Tea Partyers will soon say the Arkansas legislature need not have rushed into its adoption of a version of Obamacare, given this development.

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