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Partne Daugherty denied costs on successful appeal of speeding conviction



Remember Partne Kiesling-Daugherty?

The Jacksonville resident has made a number of appearances here.

Her FOI requests and video analysis blew up the overbearing Little Rock Police Department's bogus arrest of Surgeon General Joe Thompson. Her equally piercing video analysis of congressional candidate Herb Rule's DWI arrest was not flattering to the Fayetteville PD or its methods, though Rule nonetheless lost his case.

We'd reported more recently on her successful appeal of a speeding conviction in Jacksonville District Court, which was reversed by the state Court of Appeals. Successful FOI requests earlier had provided her with the info she needed to challenge the conviction. The office hadn't legally calibrated his radar gun.

Daugherty (whose newish first name is "entrap" spelled backwards and who has a criminal history of her own) lost on her self-representation before the Arkansas Supreme Court today, but not without bringing two justices to her side. She requested payment for costs of her successful appeal, as the Supreme Court rules seem to provide in certain cases. The majority ruled, however, that the state was immune from paying them. Justices Karen Baker and Jo Hart wrote separate dissents in favor of the payments. All three opinions here.

CORRECTION: I wrote incorrectly that Daugherty represented herself in this appeal. She had a lawyer,
Dan Hancock.

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