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High drama in Texas as abortion bill fails



While I slept, a significant number of people nationally — and in Arkansas, judging by Twitter and last night's open line — were gripped by Texas Sen. Wendy Davis' nearly successful attempt to mount a 13-hour filibuster against an unconstitutional anti-abortion bill similar to, but more punitive, than the one recently enjoined in Arkansas.

The Republican leadership ruled she'd failed to observe arcane rules on germaneness of comments and receiving assistance (a colleague adjusted her back brace). There was a challenge to the ruling. And all hell broke loose in a gallery packed by pro-choice supporters of Davis. But the big news was finagling with the official record by someone on the anti-choice side. The final vote clearly came after the midnight deadline. The record was changed to make it appear it made the deadline. Finally, the presiding officer declared the bill hadn't passed because he hadn't signed it in time. Naturally, the Republican blamed it on the ruckus in the gallery, not the simple fact that the deadline was missed.

It's a short-lived victory. In due course, the Texas legislature with its overwhelming Republican majority will be back in session and pass this legislation and/or worse.

Hats off to Wendy Davis.

Here's the New York Times summary.

For greater detail, the Texas Tribune is the place. The link takes you to their summary, but their live blog chronicled events through the night.

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