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Late news: Lottery Commission considers keno; school transfer lawsuit in court



A couple of stories worth noting:

VIDEO KENO: Getting another look in Arkansas.
  • VIDEO KENO: Getting another look in Arkansas.
* THE VIDEO LOTTERY IS BACK: In the face of stagnant revenue, the Arkansas Lottery Commission is revisting the idea of whether it should allow video lottery games such as keno, which offer repeat, fast, all-day gambling action. They could constitute mini-casinos of a sort, you could almost say, in convenience stores or wherever they might be located. Various politicians and religious groups have loudly protested the addition of such games to the lottery lineup. Some questions exist on whether or not they could be instituted under the law. The commission will begin by taking a look at other states with the added games. It will stir a political fury in some quarters. John Lyon reports for Stephens Media.

* BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB ATTACK ON PUBLIC SCHOOLS; A hearing was held today in federal court on the effort led by the Billionaire Boys go-to lawyer Jess Askew to essentially nullify any means for school districts to exempt themselves from a recently broadened school choice law. Askew (who won't tell me who pays for his various legal actions working against conventional school districts in the name of Walton/Hussman agenda items such as charter schools, school transfers and the rest) argues that there is no law governing school choice for the coming school year because of an ambiguous date in the law (it occurred before the law was passed), so all transfers must be accepted from white students trying to flee Blytheville for neighboring majority white districts. And he said all the federal court cases in which the Blytheville district has been involved over desegregation no longer constitute the history of desegregation for which the legislature clearly intended to give districts a way to exempt themselves from unfettered choice. Rob Moritz of Stephens Media has coverage. Federal Judge Kris Baker allowed the suit by parents hoping to leave the district to go forward, but didn't rule on merits or an injunction request.

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