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Conway copes with monkey escape



Twitter has been lit up today with tales of an "escape artist" macaque monkey that let itself out of a Conway vet's office last night and put a succesful chase in motion.

Log Cabin Democrat reports.

Should we note that the Arkansas legislature got into the monkey regulation business this year?

Here's the police report.

A friend of animals comments:

It says they took two tries to tranquilize the monkey which could be because the animal was scared and had adrenaline running through its veins. That often happens in situations like this where the first tranquilization doesn’t take. That’s not great for the animal.

Also, the report says the animals crawled onto one of the officers. These officers had no idea the kind of real danger they were in. Most people think pet monkeys are cute and fun and don’t understand that they are wild animals. Here this monkey is in a situation where it’s being circled and someone is trying to capture it and it’s stressed. It could easily turn on one of those officers and really do some damage by clawing and biting.

Also, the officer was told to go to the hospital but this report doesn’t say the officer was recommended to be tested for any type of zoonotic disease. He may have just gone to the hospital and said “a monkey bit me.” He should be tested for the B virus because almost every macaque monkey carries the B virus. Period. And there’s no telling whether or not these healthcare professionals knew he was bitten by a macaque.

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