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Massive resistance to Obamacare produces results




Sarah Kliff at the Washington Post's Wonkblog disputes those who think serial votes by the U.S. House against Obamacare are meaningless political theater. The votes confuse many in the public about something so basic as whether the law actually took effect. The persistence of the resistance contributes to a movement that has produced other meaningful alterations in the law. It discourages adoption of Medicaid expansion in the states.

Speaking of Medicaid expansion: Isn't that map that ran with Kliff's article something? Arkansas is an oasis of sanity in the Confederate States of Republicanism. And it couldn't have happened without significant Republican influence.

As a half-empty-glass kind of guy I'll still believe in full implementation of Obamacare when I see it. I'd still place a small bet on ultimate fiscal failure from congressional strangulation and, in turn, the resulting end of the "private option" in Arkansas. We'd then have a tiny shadow of a remnant Medicaid program to show for this year's sturm and drang. I hope I'm wrong.

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