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The hog manure open line



The line is open. Finishing up:

* FECAL FOAM: Protectors of the Buffalo River fear runoff from waste pits at the factory hog farm now in business at Mount Judea. The farmers themselves might have reason for concern themselves. Check out this Mother Jones article on the unexplained fecal foam that develops in manure pits and has caused explosions.

* MORE BLOWBACK AGAINST THE WALTONS: Demonstrators marched in Chicago against billionaire Walton efforts to close local schools in favor of their charter scheme.

* ARKANSAS REJECTED AS DRUG COMPANY CUSTOMER: A supplier of phenobarbital says it won't do business with the Arkansas Correction Department if it uses its drugs for executions.

* MORE HIGHER EDUCATION IN LR: John Brown University today opened a Little Rock center on Cantrell Road that will offer several master's degree programs as well as bachelor degree completion offerings.

* GOOD REVIEW FOR UA PROF'S LATEST: I meant to mention this earlier. But better late than never. The New York Times had praise for University of Arkansas distinguished professor of history Randall Woods' new biography of former CIA Director William Colby. Said Evan Thomas:

The director of the Central Intelligence Agency from 1973 to 1975, Colby was one of the Ivy League gallants who jumped behind enemy lines in World War II and came back to fight the cold war as covert operators. But he was never really of this crowd, which tended to be sociable and flamboyant. He avoided the Georgetown cocktail circuit; at Princeton he had been a middle-class Catholic boy who did not join an eating club. In intelligence, there is an ideal type of spy known as “the traditional gray man,” who can blend in anywhere, who is “so inconspicuous that he can never catch the waiter’s eye in a restaurant,” as Colby put it. Colby “prided himself that he was just such a man,” Randall B. Woods says in this well-written, thoroughly researched and disarming biography.

Woods, by the way, will be a visiting professor at Oxford University in the fall.

* BENGHAZI: ANOTHER WHITEWATER: Here's another writer who sees Whitewater, rather than Watergate, in the trumped-up Benghazi noise. Frank Rich in New York magazine.

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