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Benghazi, the new Whitewater



Ernie Dumas this week compares the fulminations about Benghazi — which Republicans are attempting to make an impeachment-worthy scandal from minute differences in post-attack talking points — with the cooked-up Whitewater investigations.

Better still, he asks what Republicans would have made of the 1983 slaughter of 241 U.S. servicemen in Beirut or of the overlooked intelligence that preceded the 911 attacks, if only a Democrat had been president on either of those occasions.

If you are a beltway Republican, no antidote for the blues matches extended congressional hearings on a real or imagined national horror—that is, if it might heap dishonor on a Democratic administration. If Hillary Clinton will be the dishonoree, so much the better.

The news lately could hardly be more disheartening: Barack Obama’s easy re-election, Democratic congressional gains, stratospheric polling for Hillary Clinton in 2016, more horrible polls for congressional Republicans, a rapidly shrinking budget deficit, a 15,000 Dow and improving economic numbers across the board.

So what to do but revive the Benghazi hearings.

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