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A.M. Report: A confederacy of stooges and a money quest



Some other odds and ends that floated in overnight:

* JOHN BOOZMAN, STOOGE OF THE NIGHT: I can't find a clip yet, but multiple readers report that U.S. Sen. John Boozman joined Sen. Mark Pryor in David Letterman's pantheon of "stooges of the night" for his vote against broadening background checks for gun purchasers.

* JUSTICE AND MERCY: Gov. Mike Beebe has been famously stingy in granting pardons and commutations to applicants. Yesterday, he recommended a rare sentence commutation. He recommended a reduction of a life sentence to a term of 103 years, which will make the prisoner, now being held in California, eligible for parole in two more years. She's served 23 years so far for selling two rocks of crack cocaine to an undercover officer in Smackover in 1990. It is no exaggeration to say murderers and rapists have served less time.

* MIKE ROSS' TREASURE HUNT: Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Ross has always been a fearsome money raiser. He's promised to file an initial report somewhere near what Democratic candidate Bill Halter and Republican candidate Asa Hutchinson combined to raise in their first reports. His unceasing phone work is one way he gets the job done. Another is fund-raisers such as this one next week at Vince Insalaco's North Little Rock home. List of "hosts" below. An interesting mix of political, liberal, business and lobby names.


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