'Obummer': Maybe that Kenyan ain't so bad after all | Arkansas Blog

'Obummer': Maybe that Kenyan ain't so bad after all



Since it's customary to blame President Obama for any and everything unpleasant — see U.S. Rep. Tom Cotton (Club for Growth, D.C.) and the Boston bombings — should he also get some credit for positives?

We already knew the federal deficit was declining thanks in part to some economic recovery.

Today, the Dow stock average topped 15,000 this morning, a first.

The jobs report was strong.

I know. George W. Bush's policies are finally paying off. Right, Br'er Cotton?

Do we also thank W. for the billions headed to the Arkansas economy under the recent Obamacare expansion of health coverage for a quarter-million working Arkansans and their children? We certainly owe a thankyou to about half the Republican legislative delegation for that.

PS — This fight isn't nearly over. Read here about how corporate CEOs get fat on taxpayer-provided subsidies even as they fight to push austerity on the government in ways that hurt ordinary citizens.

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