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Fayetteville gets a May snow




As forecast, Northwest Arkansas got a May snow and thanks to Blog reader Charlie Hughes for sending the photo above from Fayetteville.

Snow was officially observed last night, setting a record for latest snowfall in Arkansas until this morning, when May 3 snow became the new record.

It dropped to 41 in Little Rock this morning, tying a record. Fox 16 said measurable snowfall ranged from 1.5 inches in Rogers to 3 inches in Siloam Springs and 5 inches in Decatur.

It's going to stay cool tonight and tomorrow, with snowflakes still a possibility in the north.

Not that it'll do a damn bit of good, but here's one of a jillion handy links for the weather deniers who say if it's hot one day in winter and cold one day in spring that must mean there's no such thing as climate change.

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