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Guns, fetuses, God and Obamacare: The legislature wraps it up



At 9:17 a.m., the House adjourned until a formal close May 17. The Senate should follow in short order, if it hasn't already.

Whew. It was a long 100 days.

You might be interested to read the session roundup from the Koch Bros. lobby group, Americans for Prosperity. After spending tons to elect the Republican majority, the Koch heads seem generally well pleased, even if they lost on a biggie — failing to stop implementation of Obamacare.

PS: I was interested to see a comment from Washington on the signing of the Obamacare legislation to cap the session. Since Sen. Mark Pryor voted for it, he might as well own it. It is going to be interesting to watch a Republican Party strive to make Obamacare a negative when better than half their legislative contingent voted to implement it within rules drawn up by the Obama administration (not of their own invention, however much they might try to lead you to that conclusion.) Pryor statement:

Thanks to the Arkansas General Assembly’s groundbreaking vote, hundreds of thousands of hard-working Arkansans will now have access to affordable and reliable healthcare. I commend Republicans and Democrats for working together to improve access to healthcare and using the funding provided through the Affordable Care Act to benefit the people and economy of Arkansas.

PPS — Jason Cline, the Koch-paid mouthpiece imported from Alaska to convert Arkansas to the anti-tax, anti-regulation line circulated a photo of the bill signing at Gov. Beebe's conference room with this caption:

So this is how liberty dies

I kid you not. To the Kochs, liberty dies when a bipartisan legislature accepts federal money to provide health care for poor working people.

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