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Now come the tax cuts and handouts



With House approval of the Medicaid expansion, other pieces are beginning to fall in place.

The House has passed Republican Rep. Charlie Collins' income tax cut bill, a measure that will provide the biggest dollar benefits to the wealthy, though it was amended to give a bit of a tiny sop to lower income taxpayers with an increased standard deduction. A sales tax break for manufacturers is also coming out of the House today. The House also passed the bill to eliminate most of the rest of the sales tax on groceries, depending on new revenue. It has also passed the speaker's capital gains tax cut, a true bonanza for the wealthy (in case anybody though Davy Carter was a moderate.)

The House has approved an appropriation bill that includes the big state subsidies for the proposed Big River Steel operation in Mississippi County.

And there's more where those came from. You can thank Obamacare for the spending money.

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