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Oh, Lord, call them home. The line is open. Final words:

* A POPULAR VOTE: How 'bout that? The Senate today defeated a proposed constitutional amendment to make it more difficult to qualify referendums for the ballot by requiring submission of 90 percent of the required valid signatures before the secretary of state could grant an extension to cure shortfalls. Strange bedfellows in opposition — the ACLU and the Family Council, which has used the petition process to enact social legislation (all bad, but still). The final amendment lineup remains in flux. I guess the legislative pay raise/term limit easing/junkets-for-legislators amendment is headed to the ballot. And perhaps the legislative power amendment to give absolute control over executive agency rules. The third? We'll see. From this group, it isn't likely to be good.

* IF YOU CAN'T LAUGH ABOUT THE EXXON OIL SPILL WHAT CAN YOU DO? Good news for fun-pokers everywhere. The Twitter account @exxoncares, which had been suspended for a time after beginning its parody tweets about the Mayflower oil spill and the politicians who love big oil (Jason Rapert and Tiny Tim Griffin, I'm looking at you) is back in business. Or at least for the time being.

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