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Surprise: Mike Ross running for governor



Of course Mike Ross is running for governor. We've said it here repeatedly, most recently this morning.

But Ross has been carefully avoiding any conversations/leaks/whatever with local media on the topic.

Leaks to the national press OK. I guess this helps get the word out quickly to the corporate money that Ross worked so assiduously as a congressman, sometimes on the very eve of important votes. From National Journal:

Former Arkansas Rep. Mike Ross will announce on April 17 that he's running for governor, according to an email sent out Tuesday by a local Democratic chapter within the state.

Ross will fly to different cities throughout Arkansas on the day of his announcement, said Democratic insider Gary Grimes, who is not working for the campaign but is helping coordinate an event in Fort Smith. Grimes said Ross likely will hold events in Prescott, Texarkana, Fort Smith, Fayetteville, Jonesboro and Little Rock.

Wonder if he likes Obamacare any better than he did in Congress, with the legislature just about to make a fateful decision on whether to accept the Medicaid expansion it provides or not. Also wonder what the odds are he'll figure out a way to use a gun as a prop during his fly-around.

Betcha if somebody asks if he's packing he'll flash his carry permit, at least. What he oughta do is holster his shootin' iron and hold the news conference in an anti-abortion, anti-gay church that welcomes firearms. THAT would set a good tone.

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