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Morning report: Democrats say 'Save Our Session'



Good morning. What's good about it you ask?

* SAVE OUR SESSION: The Arkansas Democratic Party announces a "Save Our Session" press conference and rally at the Capitol at noon Wednesday.


Will the Dems be calling on Republican holdouts to join the hard-working pragmatic Republicans in passing the Obamacare-provided, federally financed Medicaid expansion? Will they be lamenting the incursion on women's rights and the glorification of The Gun at this radical-fest of a legislative session?

Maybe they'll focus on the invasion of personal liberty and punishment of sons of toil in drug testing and cutting the benefits of people who've lost jobs. They run the decided risk of identifying themselves as opposed to all these things that majority Republicans hold dear. Really. What if the Repubs are right about where voters stand on these issues?

* HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT: Premature speculation is the order of the day as the national press works out on the will-she-or-won't-she theme on a presidential candidacy by Hillay Clinton. I like this piece by Media Matters, which recounts the sexist and poisonous treatment Clinton received from some leading commentators (Maureen Dowd particularly) in 2008 and seems likely to get again.

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