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Fetuses, si! Live babies, not so much



A memo went around to staff at Arkansas Children's Hospital today about the impending doom of Republican legislators' passion to cut Medicaid.

Quick editorial note before the memo: This legislature will protect guns and encourage their proliferation; it will keep contraceptives and sex education from women; it will protect zygotes and fetuses far short of the ability to live outside the womb, as well as older ones with fatal defects. Living, breathing babies? Their needs are MUCH farther down the list. After tax cuts, vaginas and guns, for sure.

As you may have heard, the hospital is potentially facing serious reductions in Medicaid and other programs that will affect our budget. ACH leadership has been addressing the potential impact of these reductions through the normal budgeting process. It is now clear that if these reductions occur there will be a need to reduce costs in a dramatic way.

As leaders, we will be calling on each of you to work with your VP’s and directors to assist in developing plans for reducing costs. Everyone will need to be involved and, since we are in this together, everyone will have to step up.

Soon I will be sending out more information regarding specific opportunities for you to engage with hospital leadership on specific areas where there may be cost savings. Clearly, it is better for us to work together to minimize the pain, although, there is no doubt that if the cuts occur, it will be painful.


W. Robert Morrow, MD, FAAP
Professor of Pediatrics
Harvey and Bernice Jones Chair
Senior VP for Medical Affairs
Arkansas Children's Hospital
Associate Dean for Children
UAMS College of Medicine

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