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Went from Speaker's ball to ballers



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  • Carter: ball don't lie

Lindsey may delete that headline for search-engine optimization reasons, but I only have so many chances to fit an Outkast reference into legislative session coverage.

House Speaker Davy "Baby-Faced Killah" Carter hosts the Speaker's Ball tonight. According to Twitter, barbecue is on the menu, which could be trouble given the House-Senate basketball game this Sunday.

Meanwhile, some notes of note from the Speaker's press conference today:

TAXES: Carter said the tax cut that came out of Revenue and Tax this morning was "good work" and said that it was part of the $150 million in tax cuts he's asked for. Carter said that there was room for it in the budget but declined to elaborate to reporters. "We're still working on it," he said. "That's part of the whole thing we've been talking about. There's a lot of growth money that's in the budget, and we're looking at a $300 million-plus surplus and I think the majority of members in both chambers think we can afford it." Carter said that pronouncements of papal rat-head exceptions weren't relevant to him one way or the other. Carter said we would continue to see bills trickling through committees that add up to the total $150 million in tax cuts that he has targeted.

EXPAND-O-METER: Carter expects that the feds will give the thumbs up to the DHS letter articulating the "private option," saying the letter just "memorialized what's verbally already been agreed to." He expects updated projections from DHS soon. "I want things on paper," he said. "I want to see some details on paper by the end of next week."

THE PEOPLE'S GAME : On why he sent the bill to force a football game between Arkansas and Arkansas State to House Rules: "The bill was filed as a shell bill. I heard all the rumblings about what the bill may be about and I just thought it was the appropriate committee to send it to...it's a unique subject matter and I think it fits better in Rules than any other committee." Carter said he'd be the first to buy a ticket to such a game but opposes mandating it via legislation. He said that the bill would likely die in committee.

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