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Car wreck of a session open line: Tech park item update



Car wreck of a session.
  • The 2013 General Assembly (click to enlarge).

You've been reading about Arkansas legislators all day. You need a break. How about a national Republican, and his Freudian slip? We leave you tonight with a quote from Paul Ryan:

"We're not going to give up on destroying the health care system."

No, we don't think they are.

OK, so you're weary of tech park news too. But:

* TECH PARK ALTERNATIVE NO. 4: An amalgamation of proposals by realtors Jim Hathaway and Hank Kelley on a fourth possible site for the Little Rock Technology Park has been posted on the tech park website. In theory, the authority board did not know of this new proposal until consultant Charles Dilks spoke about it at last night's meeting. In reality, board member Bob Johnson was looking at a copy of the Flake-Kelley proposal while it was being presented. Maybe it was just slipped to him right before Kelley stood to talk and I missed it. But it seems unlikely the board — or the entire board — was unaware what consultant Charles Dilks was going to present.

Update: I am informed by someone at the meeting Gary Smith with Flake & Kelley handed out copies of the presentation to the board at the same time Kelley was walking up to the podium.

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