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  • Nate Bell: A country boy can survive

*BEST TWEET OF THE SESSION: From Rep. John Burris: "@DavyCarter is such a one-upper. I've only got a bungee cord in my Impala." (See Friday and Saturday night open lines for context).

*FLIP FLOPS AND A .45: From Rep. Nate Bell's Facebook page, on open carry: "It's ridiculous that a man who wants to wear a pair of cutoff jeans and flip flops while he wades a creek fishing has to choose between being legal or being armed." The important thing here is to take a minute to imagine Nate Bell in cutoffs.

*CIRCLING THE WAGONS: Lots of Republican lawmakers took to Twitter last night to affirm their support of House Speaker Davy Carter, under heat for opposition to open carry and signals that he's eager to move beyond social issues. Rank and file conservatives are still angry. Nic Horton of the Arkansas Project tweeted that "apparently freedom and life offend the media — and some GOP 'leaders.'" He later added, "Some perspective for those whining about the session: you can't have jobs or Medicaid if you're aborted or shot. #priorities."

*OUR FAR-FLUNG CORRESPONDENTS: Max tweets from across the globe: "Ark. moment in Hong Kong Airport. Son of Huttig's 'Last Date' playing in Cathay Pacific lounge."

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