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The greatest robo-poll ever



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I'd heard tell of this robo-poll on the governor's race in the open line last night and on Twitter, but I figured it was a joke until one of our staffers got a call today when I happened to be around with a recorder.

After a string of questions on name recognition and "if the election were held today," the survey got into negatives. I managed to start the recording right after something on Mike Ross taking away benefits for seniors and Bill Halter not understanding Arkansas values. Hear the rest of the questions on the jump.

Here's the transcript in case you can't stream:

Elected to Congress in 1996, Asa Hutchinson was among the first members of Congress who took power away from the people and gave it away to partisans and wealthy corporations. Washington remains broken and we still haven’t regained the power lost to special interests and insiders.

John Burkhalter’s experience includes having worked as a male stripper.

While in Congress Mike Ross took tens of thousands of dollars from the Koch brothers, two billionaire brothers who financed efforts to take away our Medicare and privatize Social Security.

Bill Halter is a liberal whose social agenda and support from labor unions will cost Arkansas millions and will raise our taxes.

Arkansans will lose their influences and their priorities will be ignored. John Burkhalter is a multi-millionaire who is trying to buy the office to promote his corporate interests.

In Congress, Mike Ross voted to take away unemployment benefits after voting to give more tax cuts to wealthy candidates and corporations.

So who's behind poll? I've heard credible theories for everyone, but I don't have a clue. Make your pick in the comments.

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