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The end of another beginning



Monday's done. The line is open. Finishing up:

  • Arkansas History Commission

* THE SEGREGATION ACADEMY LIVES ON: Good report here in The Atlantic on research into the continued existence — even prosperity — of the segregation academies established throughout the South, including Arkansas, to avoid "race mixing" in the schools. The article focuses on Mississippi, where most of the schools continue. But Delta seg academies continue in Arkansas, too, with one-race student bodies though they've generally taken steps to remove discriminatory language from their governing charters. The focus on Mississippi didn't keep The Atlantic from going to the well for their familiar Arkansas image above from the bad old days.

* RACE AND THE STEEL MILL: The Arkansas legislature's black caucus today expressed concerns about giving $75 million, plus financing, to the Big River Steel Mill proposed for Mississippi County without a promise that the workforce would include a representative percentage of minority workers. Could be a deal killer, the governor's AEDC director said.

* MARCHING AS TO WAR: Now that some churches will be deciding weapons policies, I've gotten a lot of interest from readers on which churches will declare one way or another on the issue. In theory, no action means a church remains off-limits to guns, though a great presumption has been built in the public at large about a new warmth in sanctuaries to weaponry as a safety measure more valuable than imprecatory prayer.

To that end: I invite now and later reports from readers on ecclesiastical weapon developments in either direction.

Sound track.

* PASS THE WHISKEY: All the bad news might drive a body to drink. But be warned if your drink of choice is Maker's Mark. They're watering it down to meet worldwide demand.

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