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Morning matters: Death and discrimination



The morning news and notes:

SISTERS BISTRO: Spurns gay groups fund-raiser.
  • SISTERS BISTRO: Spurns gay group's fund-raiser.

* RESTAURANT DENIES SERVICE TO GAY ORGANIZATION: Van Buren restaurant reserves the right to refuse service. 40/29 reports that the River Valley Equality Center, which works in behalf of gay and lesbian people, says the owner of Sisters Gourmet Bistro canceled their planned fund-raiser at the restaurant after he found out the cause they advocated. The owner confirms.

"I called them and told them that I — we're not going to have that at Sisters, we had no plans for that and there were no reservations to hold any kind of fundraiser or anything like that," said Richard Hodo, owner of Sisters Gourmet Bistro.

Hodo said he doesn't support what the River Valley Equality Center stands for.

"I told them that I do not support their cause, that if they want to do that that's their business. I do not care, but I don't support their lifestyle and their cause," said Hodo.

Erin Fowler of the Equality Center said Hodo compared her group with the KKK. He said he merely had told her he wouldn't allow fund-raisers at his restaurant for the KKK either.

Surely Jason Rapert can find a way to get a piece of this action for his legislative agenda — a Sisters Gourmet Restaurant Protection Act.

SUSPEC: Christopher Reynolds.
  • KARK
  • SUSPECT: Christopher Reynolds.
* IS KILLING ILLEGAL IN LONOKE COUNTY: KARK continues to report on the exceedingly curious case from Lonoke County where formal charges have yet to be filed against Christopher Reynolds of Ward, who police have said shot and killed an employee in November. The regular Lonoke prosecutor jumped off the case, for reasons unclear. A special prosecutor continues to mull the matter. There is a witness to the shooting, which reportedly occurred during a business meeting. The State Police investigated and arrested the suspect, but prosecution has moved slowly and prompted complaints from the family of the victim, Ernest Hoskins Jr., now dead three months.

JIM WALTON: $379 MILLION gain in a day.
  • JIM WALTON: $379 MILLION gain in a day.
* BILLIONAIRE WATCH: Here's a fun feature from Forbes, in which you can watch how daily market activity affects the public holdings of the wealthiest people. You'll see that the holdings of Jim Walton (and this wouldn't include his privately held bank holding company) went up $379 million yesterday. The amount he's spent to rent the Arkansas legislature to take over public schools in Arkansas is not even a drop in one day's bucket. Other Walton siblings, each with some $23 billion in inherited Walmart wealth, went up by similar amounts, of course.

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