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Wesley Clark faces scrutiny on China deals



WESLEY CLARK: No comment.
  • WESLEY CLARK: No comment.
Retired Gen. Wesley Clark has hit the headlines in an unflattering way. From ABC News:

Retired U.S. Army General and former presidential contender Wesley K. Clark was the chairman and public face of a Wall Street investment firm that rode a wave of interest in Chinese stock, and then plunged on reports that much of the profit was hype and many of the companies were outright frauds.

Now the China deals Clark helped promote at lavish parties are among those facing scrutiny from the Securities and Exchange Commission as they try and account for the billions of dollars lost in dozens of suspicious stock offerings, which some officials believe represent collectively one of the largest financial scams since Bernie Madoff. Authorities told ABC News that firms serving as middle men who helped promote the Chinese companies are now in the crosshairs.

Clark, who apparently provided star power in China, wouldn't talk to ABC about the matter, because of ongoing lititgation.

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